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Have an idea for a great mobile application? Solvtopia can help!

Using our expertise, we will help you design, develop, and deploy your app and ensure its success by creating unique, rich and immersive user experiences for your clients.


Not every mobile application development firm is like us, quality code matters to us and it should matter to you! When your application is completed, it will work across multiple platforms, easily updateable and reliable.


In Our "Sanbox" Our App Dev Team Uses  These "Toys"

Xml, Visual Basic, Java, .NET, C#, JavaScript, MySQL, MSSQL, PHP, Apex (salesforce), jQuery, AJAX and Xamarin Studio

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Mobile Application - Public Utilties Work Order System


Over a million gallons of water as used daily for this client. This amount of use generates hundres of work orders towards maintenance. Technicans use our mobile app, IOS and Andriod, to document repairs as well as preventive maintnenace. 

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My 2 Cents


We created this section of our site for members who want to discuss tools they are using to help solve the technology problems tey encounter.

This discussion board is unique because we also offer various tools in the tech space we find from the countless hours of technology podcasts we listen to every week. THAT means if we find something very cool, you don't have to listen to the podcast, we do that for you!

There is NO charge to join as a member is the "My 2 Cents" club and we hope it is of value to you and your team.




Solvtopia servers are 100% IPv6 compliant and ready for the future!!


Mobile apps built by Solvtopia Developers are built using API's 100% compatible with IPv6 Networks by Apple's new standards!


Feel safe moving forward with us!


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